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The Program

Welcome to UFF rewards! You are a now a member of an elite team working to fight against the number one killer of all people - Big Tobacco. As an ADVOCATE, you are using your voice and power to take down one of the biggest forces of industry on the planet. Use your time, energy and skills towards gaining points and then redeem for awesome branded merchandise or cash or gift cards.

The Points

Earn points by completing ADVOCACY activities and telling us about them. Our menu of actions supports all skill levels and interests; do as much or as little as you like. Every activity completed works to counter the tobacco industry and contributes to social good.

Here’s how it works:

1. Select one of our campaigns that matches your passions and interests:

  • Freeze the Industry - a Province wide movement to raise awareness about ways the Tobacco Industry uses packaging to market their products. Freeze the Industry is for people who passionate about the political process and who want to be part of the cutting edge tobacco control scene.
  • Smoke Free Movies - a heated battle to get smoking out of youth rated movies; challenging all ideas about enterntainment, glamour and celebrity. This campaign is for people who welcome civil debates and what to challenge social constucts. Smoke Free Movies advocates are in it for the long haul.
  • Protect the Paws - a grassroots campaign developed by devoted animal lovers to stop Tobacco Industry testing on our beloved furry friends. Protect the Paws advocates work to speak on behalf of those that can't speak for themselves.
  • Stop Marlboro - an international movement to tell governments around the world to ban the “Be Marlboro” ad campaign and stop the Tobacco Industry from marketing its deadly products to kids. This campaign is for would be lawyers, economists and those seeking to climb the proverbial corporate ladder.

2. Review the campaign action pack and select an activity that matches your time and skills.

Activities fall in the following categories:

  • Events
  • Presentations & Trainings
  • Social Media
  • Media & PR
  • Arts
  • Leadership
  • Other (an new and original idea)

The Rules:

  1. You must have a registered profile
  2. Your activities must be approved
  3. You must report on your completed activities

The Rewards

Once you’ve registered, login to the full rewards site and check out all our awesome swag. Each item has been carefully selected and branded for you - the ADVOCATE.

Become an Advocate


Being an ADVOCATE means getting to experience more than just rewards. Register now to begin your ADVOCACY ADVENTURE.



School and community groups are able to ADVOCATE together as teams and gain individual or group rewards. Register now to see what supports are available and how to get started.